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A Nordic Anunnaki Alien

The Alien: A New Introduction (posted 10th January 2015)

This photograph (below), purported to be of a female extra-terrestrial of the type which has come to be known as a Nordic Anunnaki or Tall White, has been circulating on the Internet for some time. The [1]source appears to be unknown. In June of 2012, frustrated by the poor definition of the original, and intrigued by the enigmatic smile on her face, I decided to commit some time to creating my own restored version of this alien Mona Lisa by digitally repainting the image, not by including new details, but by enhancing the digital information which the image already contained.

This painted version I then posted on this weblog with a commentary of my own thoughts about it. What I was unprepared for was the level of interest which the post featuring this image would generate. It became my most-read post, with my blog stats recording that in a reasonably short time it had received well over a thousand views.

I decided to take things to the next level. Using the same face, I painted in a new body on the figure, and gave her, as it were, a new wardrobe to wear. This was necessary because I wanted to add a feature of my own: a set of mysterious symbols or glyphs which would be visible on her torso. The implication was that in the first picture these presumably would have been covered by her tunic, and therefore would not have been visible. This new image, painted to match the lighting, shadows and background of the original, and complete with an exposition of the label which appears on the image, I posted on this blog – significantly – on the 1st of April of the following year.  

In the event, the significance of the date hardly mattered. This second painting spread over the [2]Web. Detached from the context of my blog, it was discussed on Web forums with comments such as: “The more you look at it, the more intriguing it is. Kinda like the Mona Lisa.” I’m glad this person picked up on what also intrigued me in the beginning! One enthusiast was even amazed to find an ‘actual photograph’ which looked exactly like the alien female which he purportedly had encountered!

The second painting received as much attention as the first – perhaps even more. So much so that in the end, and with the two images now living a life of their own and freely circulating on the Web, I eventually decided to delete these two posts, simply because I felt that they were detracting from the other posts dealing with the more serious issues which my blog normally features.

Now I am re-posting them here as a stand-alone page (rather than as posts), for all fans of things alien – and also clearly to establish that these two images originated in my studio. 

[1] The name of James Casbolt, an alleged MI6 operative, has been connected with the photo, but who’s to know?

[2] At the time of writing, on a Google image search for ‘Anunnaki alien’ my two paintings are the first and the ninth images respectively.


Loving the Alien (originally posted 1st July 2012)

Her eyes are not red, but albino. Which is to say that the irises, lacking any pigmentation, reflect the internal blood vessels of her eyes. Her hair also is a snowy albino white, and her complexion has the palor of true albinism. But there is more: her nostrils are tiny, and any exterior flanges of the nostrils appear to be absent. That her ears seem somewhat higher than normal, and her head more dome-like, might be due to the slightly downward camera angle, but the effect as a whole is still of someone other than entirely human.

This photograph is claimed to be that of an extra-terrestrial, leaked from the files of a shadowy clandestine group said to have infiltrated its way into government top security organizations. This group, known by the acronym S.A.A.L.M. (which apparently stands for the pretentously self-titled Supreme Anunnaki Alliance of Lord Marduk), is mentioned in the superimposed facts sheet on the photo which, considering the alleged exotic nature of the subject in question, lists the known information about its subject with a mundane, almost banal, matter-of-factness.

What is going on here? We are presented with an admittedly poor-resolution photo which might or might not be what is claimed about it. The apparent alien-ness of specific physical features can easily be obtained with photo manipulation software, and claiming credit for exposing the alleged fraudulence of the image (as some YouTubers inevitably have done) is like claiming credit for being able to sneeze. It's as easy to call it a fake as it is to believe it is genuine, depending upon what one personally opts for. Everywhere I have so far found this image on the Internet involves a discussion of this fake-or-genuine aspect. But that is not what interests me. Nor is it why I am writing my own post about this photo.

What fascinates me is the power of the image. Falsified or genuine, the subject in the photo emanates a calm and charismatic poise that demands our attention. She seems to meet our wondering gaze with absolute confidence, challenging us in turn to doubt her supposed off-world origins with a ghost of a secretive smile, as enigmatic in her aloofness as the Mona Lisa.


Revealing the Alien (originally posted 1st April 2013)

Now that a new photo of the alleged alien has come to light, it seems worth looking in detail at the fresh insights which the image has to offer. My [1]previous post about what so far has been the only known photo of this so-called Nordic Anunnaki [2]type concentrated upon the facial features, but this second photo reveals – literally – some intriguing new information.

There is the same inscrutable half-smile on the face, but the most obvious difference between this and the previous photo is in the dress. The outer tunic has been discarded. In its place we see a loose wrap-style top and a lower garment that could either be briefs, or slacks, or even a skirt of some description – although from the photo there is no way of telling which. What these garments reveal is a series of four rows of characters extending vertically down the central torso and abdomen, with the complete set of characters being hidden underneath the clothing.

No clue is provided about any decipherment of these characters (if this actually is possible, or whether it took place or not). Instead, it is the [3]attached information sheet which tells us that these are ‘subcutaneous chromatophore implants’. I admit that I needed to check what ‘chromatophores’ actually were, and apparently they are the same light-giving cells produced by such creatures as squid and jellyfish. In other words: these characters are comprised of cells, biological in origin, which have been genetically manipulated and implanted beneath the skin. As with the chromatophores found in the creatures of our own world, these glowing cells presumably can be ‘switched on and off’, perhaps according to occasion, or by the emotional state of the wearer. But why they are there, and what purpose they serve, is as much a matter for conjecture as their actual meaning.

As with the previous photo, the location of origin is given as ‘Mt Ziel, Northern Australia’. This information would seem to be either inaccurate or deliberately evasive. Mt. Ziel is real enough (my [4]map, above), but it lies in the south of the Northern Territory among the Macdonnell Ranges, which actually places it in the remote heart of central Australia. And the ‘Location of Origin’ phrase is itself ambiguous. Is this where the photo was taken (perhaps at some secret Area 51-style base), or is it where this being was found? Again, we are left to guess.

But perhaps the most intriguing phrase is the one which specifies (as it also does on the first photo) that the sex is ‘Male and Female’. This can be read in two different ways: either that this being is in fact a hermaphrodite, or that both males and females of these types are known, and even have been detained and studied. As with so much about both of these photos, even what at first appears to be specific information turns out to be ambiguous, and we are left to wonder about alternative intended meanings – and ultimately about the veracity of these two photos themselves.

Perhaps it is this very uncertainty which in the end is what gives these two images their power, and that in revealing more to us, this second image only deepens the [5]mystery.

[1] Please see my post Loving the Alien.

[2] As with my post for the first photo, this second photo has required extensive and careful digital restoration, which initially involved converting the original low resolution jpeg file to a bitmap, then enhancing the damaged pixels before converting it back to a jpeg format for uploading to the Web – but this time at a higher resolution. The excessive green cast and background tonal values and contrast of the original have now also been corrected to more accurately reflect the skin tones, which appear to have an almost wax-like pallor. 

[3] The S.A.A.L.M. acronym on the attached information sheet apparently stands for Supreme Anunnaki Alliance of Lord Marduk. Whether one accepts this as some existing but shadowy clandestine organization of which this being is a member, or whether one considers it to be pretentious fictional nonsense is a matter of simple choice.

[4] To provide a comparative scale for my visitors from the U.S., the state of Western Australia (my home state) is some 3½ times larger than Texas. The small area within the state of New South Wales is the Australian Capital Territory, where the seat of government is situated in the capital city of Canberra.

[5] Although there's no mystery about the date on which this particular post was posted... :)

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